Cannot find helpers library


I am trying to run the examples on my local machine, and when trying to execute the object recognition, the code makes use of a helpers library. Can someone please let me know where I can find this library?

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Same here. Where is that helper library with those functions starting lesson 9?

I didnt find it either which brought me here and I find this as the first query.

I am also looking for helper library. Many functions trigger that library.

Can anyone share it?

@GunnarMallon as I’ve been going through this I’ve been wondering the same thing too… I mean if they are explicit functions we’ve otherwise learned before, then fine.

DeepAI does have a Github, but there is not a lot on there (at least related to what I am currently studing here).

I mean, I get it, they want people to ‘read through’ the classes rather than just getting scraped. Yet, sometimes this makes the explicit learning process a little confusing…

I also haven’t tried yet, but on the very few I’ve run into you could of course try to ‘pip’ them.

Thanks for the reply. That’s interesting… you might want to update the script of the course in that case (e.g., video on Object Detection at 0:20 about running the script on your own machine. Just some constructive feedback.

If, in the notebook, you do:
File-> Open, a Jupyter mngmt. page opens, where you find, You can copy the functions defined there in your local notebook.

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You can download the notebooks and run them on your machine. File-> Download as Notebook.

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Francesco - thank you so much! You’re a star :slight_smile: I didn’t realise that File → Open opens the management page.