Cannot find Submission Button

Hi. I tried to complete my assignment 2 on cats classifier for week 2.

As you can see in the image, there is no Submit button. What to do?

One more doubt.
As you can see, for assignment 1 (python basics) which I had submitted, grade has come but still the tick mark has not come.
Why is this so?

go to that ? and go to the latest version.
this may work.

Have you paid the course fee, or been granted financial aid?

If you have access to the paid content, then, regarding the missing submit button, check this DLS FAQ. And, if you submitted your assignment properly, use the Incognito/Private window to log in and check if you can see that “tick” mark.

I have paid for the course. Turns out,the button appeared after reloading the page. Maybe some random rendering issue that appeared out of the blue!

Thanks for the suggestio.