Cannot Install Tensorflow version 2.2 or less

Because of this I am failing this assignment.
I have tried Kaggle, Jupypter Notebook local and Colab. Nothing works. PLease help!

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Dear @Musab_Faiyazuddin,

Can you please let me know what problem are you facing?

Hey @Musab_Faiyazuddin,

It’s better to take a screenshot of the error you are facing so that we can help you.

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@Girijesh, @Jamal022, note that this thread is seven months cold.

Yes I know, but I got mail from deeplearning (tf2 digest) with the following message. That’s why I replied.

This summary is sent from DeepLearning.AI as some topics were not yet responded to. Kindly take the time to review the unanswered posts and help us support the learner community. |

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If I have done anything wrong. I am extremely sorry.
Please let me know what to do in this case.

No problem, you did nothing wrong, I just wanted to be sure you were aware that you might not get a reply from the student after this much time.

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