Cannot save colab notebook with outputs


In Advanced Computer Vision with TensorFlow course, week 2.
For C3_W2_Lab_1_Simple_Object_Detection and C3_W2_Lab_2_Object_Detection, in colab, menu execution / modify execution type :
‘Omit code cells output element when saving this notebook’ is disable / grey and cannot be changed (see screenshot).
This was not the case for C3W1_Predicting_Bounding_Boxes_Assignment (in week 1 assignment).

=> if Omit code cells output element is checked and cannot be unchecked it means that I cannot download my work results contained inside notebook output cells.

Could you allow Omit code celle output modification in all the notebooks (not only the asignments) please ?
Thank you by advance.

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Hi Thierry. I suggest saving a copy of the notebook in your Gdrive. From that notebook, you should be able to uncheck that option. Hope it works!

Thank you very much Chris, it works ! I can now save outputs by using notebook saved in my drive (and run from my google drive)

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