Cant do week 2 assingment

hey even after several attempts i cant do the week 2 assingment
i have been trying to do it since the past 1 month but i am getting one error or the other
please help me so i can complete the assingment. what can i do

The community can probably help more if you share some of the specifics. Does your code pass the local unit tests but fail the autograder after submission? Does it run to completion but report failed unit tests? Throw Python exceptions and stop? Sharing your actual code violates the terms of use, but you can paste stack trace or error messages. If the issues are programming fundamentals or Python language, maybe there is some remedial work we can recommend.

You can also try searching these forums for keywords (variable names, assignment name, error message, numeric value etc) similar to the ones that are related to your problems. Here’s an example, searching on the keyword callback

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@ARNAV_BATRA yes if you could brief more about where you are exactly struck then we can surely help you out. Can you send me your notebook so that I may check it for the errors ?
I appreciate the efforts you are taking to solve this assignment and I assure you that you will get through the assignment with wonderful learnings.