Changing Career path from devops to Mlops

Hi Everyone,
I am working as devops engineer and it is good but as I see the ai and ml and it is impact on our life so thinking to switch . Since I am admin guy for long so thought mlops is the good idea . Want to know about openion from people in ai
My strength
Good in python development
Good in maths so can understand statistic or probability (if that really required )

Kindly help me with your inputs and things to focus in this transition

I recommend you take the MLS (Machine Learning Specialization) and DLS (Deep Learning Specialization) courses before you take MLOps.

It will help your career if you know how ML systems work and are optimized before you get involved in how to deploy them.

I think that’s a great move! There is good demand for engineering talent with data science and ML domain expertise.

I second @tmosh suggestion. Build core skills and you’ll be an asset on the market!

Good luck!

Thanks for the valuable suggestion . Just wondering need to take both or one of them.
Appreciate If you can elaborate what each course would add in my mlops journey

MLS is just the basics.

DLS covers more complex methods like Convolutional NN’s and Sequence models.

CNN’s are heavily used in image analysis.
Sequence models are the core of how Large Language Models work.