Chatbot does not show user input and bot reply

I replicated the langchain example of chat with your data on my local Mac using Jupyter labs.

The chat history shows that the code is working fine. However, I cannot get the UI to show the query/response in the main chat window. I expect the following code to do this, but the main chat window stays blank.

            pn.Row('User:', pn.pane.Markdown(query, width=600)),
            pn.Row('ChatBot:', pn.pane.Markdown(self.answer, width=600, styles={'background-color': '#F6F6F6'}))

Any ideas?

You probably have a different version of the package tools installed on your local computer.

Thank you for responding.

However, I am unclear what specific package you mean? This function is from panel. Is that what you mean?


I mean the programming environment you have installed on your computer. It might not be compatible with the code provided in the course

The env is Conda based on a Mac.

The weird thing is that all the logic is working. I can load a pdf, can see chat history etc.

Just the main window does not show query and query response. So, yes, this is most likely due to lib versions. By to was wondering if anyone had a solution.

Perhaps someone will contribute an answer.