Chinese contestants take ove the 2021 AI City Challenge

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Check out the details on how Chinese contestants won the 2021 AI City Challenge over the three consecutive years US winners.

What’s new: Chinese universities and companies won first and second place in all five categories of the 2021 AI City Challenge, beating hundreds of competitors from 38 nations. U.S. teams dominated the competition in its first three years, but Chinese contestants started overtaking them last year.

Why it matters: This competition is the latest example of China’s rising profile in AI. The Chinese government has funded hundreds of Smart City programs. In contrast, U.S. funding for urban AI initiatives has been limited to a few one-off grants or competitions.

We’re thinking: Smart-city technology could make urban living more pleasant and productive, yet it also carries a risk of invasive surveillance. We call on regulators and researchers who work on such projects worldwide to lead a global debate on appropriate standards of privacy and to design their systems that protect privacy from the ground up.

Do you think the development of smart cities will somehow have a negative effect on our privacy? :cityscape: :city_sunrise:

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Of course,the development of technology will bring some level of negative effecton privacy,but just at the beginning.
As a college student living in China, I have to admitt that some companies over-use this technology.For example, some companies store people’s face data illegally.
But with more regulation coming out, this technology will be used correctly.