Clarification about the DenseNet121

Good afternoon,
excuse my primitive question,
can anyone please tell me what is meant by the "weights argument " in the DenseNet121
and from where shall I got that file used here.

Hi @Youstina.Ghoris

The “weights” argument means the pre-trained parameters of the DenseNet121.

Those parameters were already calculated and stored in the file “./nih/densenet.hdf5”, where this file exists in your workspace. By utilizing the pre-trained parameters, we can reduce the time for execution.

Thank you @nakamura for your reply,
so if I want to calculate them my self what shall I do?
because the dataset i am using is slightly different from the one used in the course.

Hi @Youstina.Ghoris

In that case, give “None” to the weights argument.
The initial parameter values will be prepared.

The details are described in the following document. We can also refer to the other arguments.