Clarification for Quiz Answer for Q2

Q2: Answer includes option: Multiply by a scalar and add the two rows.

But this is wrong right, as the scalar MUST be non-zero?

Hello @Gokul_Reddy_Muddarla
The Scalar value is zero? Please share the assignment’s link or a screenshot of the alleged error

On a related note, I think that question was pretty confusing and could probably be improved. I think it means to ask “what are some of the ways that you could reduce a matrix” but I wasn’t sure how to interpret the current wording.

Multiply by a scalar can imply i can multiply by zero, which is invalid.

Technically, I think it’s possible to multiply one row of a system by zero and add it to another row. However, applying this operation would not lead to any progress in solving the system or changing its solution set. That’s why typically a non-zero scalar should be used as it allows us to create zeros in certain positions of the system, which can simplify the system and make it easier to solve. (I have edited your post as it contained some assignment answers)

solving a system of linear equations is essentially the same as reducing a matrix to its row-echelon form and the two sentences are often used interchangeably but I think “Reduce a matrix” is easy for most people to understand