Clarification in downloading lab files

I want to have some clarification here. I need to download the lab files week by week, am I right?

It’s better to have your projects with you, as I guess they won’t be available for you after your summer subscription ends.

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Hi @empheart!! Su here!:slight_smile:

I highly recommend downloading the lab files you have attempted, this way you can always go back to refer to it even when your subscription ends, overall, I think it’s more efficient to do so too.

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There is no need to download the lab files to complete the course. If you want to keep a copy of all the labs, then yes, you will need to download them one by one or week by week.

Method 2 in this post gives a good way to download all files on your current workspace.


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Thank you all the mentors reply here. Just don’t give specific credit. All of you are helpful.