Clarification of an (or not) AI project

I am wanted to see if someone could clarify if automatic check-in counters at the airport is using AI?
Trying to get real world examples to enhance my understanding. Thanks!

Hello @Erika_Jakisch

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I don’t think self-service check-in uses AI. It’s a computer program that verifies your flight details and assigns you an available seat on the plane. AI wouldn’t be needed to perform such a task.

An example of AI in an airport would be real time detection of safety/security issues.

I hope I’ve been able to answer your question. If you have further enquiries feel free to reply.

Ochuko Pedro

Hi @Erika_Jakisch
Thanks for your post and curiosity in this topic.
As my fellow mentor @deltannboi mentioned that self service check in does not uses AI, I would like to add on something to this. Actually a similar question also arose in my mind when I started learning AI and Machine Learning. But then there were some reasons why AI is not used in this case that I read. Firstly its important to understand that AI has some limitations in terms of accuracy. AI systems could be made to be highly efficient and accurate but even small inaccuracies can result in huge economic losses for airlines. Secondly these inaccuracies could also result in security as well as collision issues.
A Similar concept One might think has been used in newly introduced Amazon Stores ( Amazon Go ). These are stores where there is no need to stand in a queue to get your groceries and check out. The bill is directly transacted by using your Amazon balance. As you pick up things and put them in your basket, it gets added on the online cart. One might think that, they are using AI for this, but again using AI for this can be problematic.
I hope that I have answered your question. Happy Learning !
Amit Shukla

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