CNN for Railway Vibrations

Hi I am working a railway data set (Real time data), finding hard to segment the data properly and apply CNN. Have anyone working on the same?

Hi, why are you using CNN?

Hi, I read a couple of research papers, they were using CNN for 1d signals, I guess because , CNN works like a sliding window which is much beneficial in signal analysis.

The best tool depends on your task and goals.

  • If you just want an analysis of a static set of data, then a CNN might be good.

  • But if you want time series analysis (where elapsed time is a critical factor), that’s better suited to a Sequence Model (like a Recurrent Neural Network - RNN).

I agree with @TMosh, in signal analysis people use time series analysis like RNNs, LSTMs.

Okay Thankyou @TMosh @Nydia , let me try with RNN.

You may benefit from completing Course 5 (Sequence Models) of the Deep Learning Specialization.