CNN W2 assignment 2

Hi there,
I am struggling with the alpaca_model. When comparing it with alpaca summary, I get the error message that:
The number of layers in the model is incorrect. Expected: 8 Found: 7.

I don’t see which layer is missing.
Did someone face the same issue, or could help me out?

Thanks :slight_smile:

If you use the search bar of this forum, you will see many posts similar to yours. Use your error as a keyword to find similar posts. However, if you found no post helping you, then share your full error here.

Also note that they show you all the layers that should be there in that test cell. They also try to print out the layers of your model, but that logic is after the comparator test. When it “throws”, you don’t get to see what your model actually looks like. You could just add a new code cell (Insert -> Cell Below) after that test cell and copy over just this logic and run it:

for layer in summary(model2):

Then you should be able to easily see which layer you are missing.

This is how debugging works: you start from the error message. My number of layers is wrong. Ok, what are my layers? How do I figure that out? Then what should they be?