Co-Founder Wanted

I’m searching for a co-founder for my new project. If you have at least 5 years of python and DL/ML experience and you are interested in taking ownership in a project that starts from scratch then please send me a direct message:


Happy to hear from you.

You are in a forum for people learning ML and you are asking for 5 years of experience on something they are learning now. I think you need more realistic expectations. This sounds like a business person making a job requirement without thinking it through.

As an engineer with 20 years of software experience, posts like this are an exceptional pet peeve of mine.

A more realistic post is asking for someone that has worked on at least 1 python project and led it to production/ or through several cycles of release. And is willing to put in the hard work on an ML project.

Also to account for less experience as a “risk” you can negotiate cliffs, or other equity ramping schedules, and or pay them for their time before making it an equity thing.


Agreed with jdavid.

If someone wants to jump start an idea, be open and develop trust first.

Probably seen this meme before…
But in case not, it’s hilarious.