Code Blocks in HW1 Printing for Debugging

Hi! For some reason whenever I write print statements in the functions for the sake of debugging, there isn’t any output. I’ve tried restarting the kernel and running all the blocks again but that didn’t work either.

That’s strange, I have print statements in several places to help debugging student issues. Could you please share an example of what you’re doing? (please do not share anything sensitive to the solution of the assignment).

So the model function calls optimize and I had a print statement for the learning rate in the optimize method. That print statement wasn’t executed for some reason when I ran the code block that called the model function. The weirdest part is that the print statements I included in the model method itself were executed. The function was executed without any compilation errors so that’s not it either.

That’s a bit odd, did you re-execute the cell where you have added the print statements? If you have done it, and the problem still persists maybe you could send me a direct message with your code so I can have a look at it.

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My bad! I completely forgot to re-execute that cell. Sorry for the confusion!