Code for gradient Descent

I was going through the code for gradient Descent and found the code complex.

Do I need to know this code / do I have to write this code while working on any machine learning problem ?


Can you please elaborate a bit more about the issue you are mentioning. are you asking an assignment related issue from the course, or you want to try code for gradient descent (with the your found code complex) on your own local Jupyter notebook?

Also kindly mention what kind of code complex you found?


Yes sure, I can elaborate

so suppose we are given the same problem as we consider in gradient descent exercise -

  • Let’s use the same two data points as before - a house with 1000 square feet sold for $300,000 and a house with 2000 square feet sold for $500,000.

so do i need to know the whole code for “Gradient Descent” and “compute_gradient” in order to get the prediction ?

or is there any other way like a python module to know “Gradient Descent” and “compute_gradient”

Both are true.

  • It’s very helpful if you know how the nuts and bolts of gradient descent work.

  • In practice, this will give you confidence about how the tool packages operate.

thank you