Coding help for C4_W1 1st lab

trouble with ? padding leading to wrong calculation for Z and Z mean 1st Jypyter lab in C4_W1

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What course are you referent to?

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Course 4 - Week 1, but which specialization?

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Thanks for your response. i am inquiring the coursera deep learning, course 4 on Convolutional Networks and specifically the 1st Jupyter notebook - convolutional networks step by step. I believe I understand overall what is happening, I have successfully padded the array and was able to calculate the first layer channel. Bur I have run into trouble on the summing of all the Z and channels together. In particular I get the wrong Z and Z mean and in the error messages I get the advice to include all the correct slides, but as far as I can tell the correct slides and pads are included in the calculations. I can send the entire error message but first am I in the right place to ask this question?

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Please post a screen capture image of the entire error message.


The below screenshots capture the error message

Thanks for any help you can give.

In conv_forward(), there is a problem with how your code is computing a_slice_prev.

There are a lot of steps involved.

Check your private messages for instructions.

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Hi: I have trying different ā€˜slidesā€™ to shape the desired output w/o success in the deep learning Convolutional network - step by step lab. I still get the error message ā€˜operands cannot be broadcast togetherā€™ in the ā€˜convolutional forward propagulationā€™. Except for the back propagation (which I would still like to try, I have successfully completed all the other exercise
I have saved the notebook and will send it to you, but want to make sure it is a direct message. Since I am new to this forum, how do I make sure I do that? Thanks

I am facing the exact same error, did you find a solution?

ValueError: operands could not be broadcast together with shapes (3,2,4) (3,3,4)

NVM I found the error: I was wrongly calculating vert_start, vert_end, horiz_start and horiz_end.

Thatā€™s good news!