Comment Missing on model function

In Deep Learning Specialization, Course 2, Week 2, Programming Assignment: Optimization Methods, in ‘In [61]’ cell the ‘model’ function has been defined.

def model(X, Y, layers_dims, optimizer, learning_rate = 0.0007, mini_batch_size = 64, beta = 0.9,
          beta1 = 0.9, beta2 = 0.999,  epsilon = 1e-8, num_epochs = 5000, print_cost = True):
    3-layer neural network model which can be run in different optimizer modes.
    X -- input data, of shape (2, number of examples)
    Y -- true "label" vector (1 for blue dot / 0 for red dot), of shape (1, number of examples)
    layers_dims -- python list, containing the size of each layer
    learning_rate -- the learning rate, scalar.
    mini_batch_size -- the size of a mini batch
    beta -- Momentum hyperparameter
    beta1 -- Exponential decay hyperparameter for the past gradients estimates 
    beta2 -- Exponential decay hyperparameter for the past squared gradients estimates 
    epsilon -- hyperparameter preventing division by zero in Adam updates
    num_epochs -- number of epochs
    print_cost -- True to print the cost every 1000 epochs

    parameters -- python dictionary containing your updated parameters 

In the function comments, there is a line describing each input except one input which is ‘optimizer’ input, is this comment line not written with purpose? if yes, please explain the purpose to me. If not, please report this to course support team in order to fix it.
I know it is just a minor thing but wanted to share it and there might be something to learn about here too.

I think it was just an oversight on their part. I will file a bug about it. But you don’t need to change anything in that cell, right? It’s just given to you “as is”. And it’s pretty clear what the values of optimizer are if you read the code, so this seems like a pretty minor problem in the grand scheme of things.

Thank you for having the careful reading skills to notice and report this!

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Yes, it’s quite minor problem and I just wanted to inform you in order to make the code more readable and integrated. Thank for filing a bug and letting the team to be aware of it.