Companions for an AI project

Hey everyone ! I am going to do an AI project in mathematical reasoning. It’s for practicing my AI coding skills and gaining experiences. However, although that I have some knowledge about AI, I haven’t really work on a real project before. Therefore, I would like to find some companions who can help me with this. It is no need for you to be an expert, someone with great aspiration is fine :> Feel free to message me.

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Hey @KiViDrag

I’m excited about your AI project and eager to contribute. While I’m not an expert, I’m motivated to learn and help where I can.

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Hey , I am interested to be a part of it…

Add me in. Let’s build the use case for the project.

Thanks for joining me :> Do you guys have discord accounts ? If you have one please join the group on discord Group for the AI project

Also interested in participating

Hi all!
I am also interested in participating. Please let me know what I should do to enrol in your project