Completely lost on conv_forward()

I’ve followed all the instructions, hints and forum posts, but I can’t get my conv_forward() function to work because I don’t understand what’s wrong with it.
I really need a second pair of eyes to look at my code, because knowing me, I’m never finding the bugs on my own.

I am struggling on this function also. Is there further instruction available? I have it running but the Z value is off. Thanks for any help!

If you post your results (please use a screen capture image), we may be able to spot the issue just from that.

Note: Please do not share your code.

Here you are. Thanks for the quick reply!

Interesting, looking at that, it looks like the first item in that output array is correct, but the rest of mine are just duplicates of that first one.

I found it. I was using the wrong index(the sample’s index: outer loop) to get the weights. Thanks for jumping in so quickly. I’m sure I will have more questions.