Compute_layer_style_cost error

Hi am getting the following error for this function. Not sure what’s wrong.

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Stuck on the same exercise but another error. You need to reshape a_S and a_G properly

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Don’t add new lines of code. Transpose within the reshape function and the shape also doesn’t seem right

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Actually I just found my mistake. It’s running now. It seems I reshaped it the correct way.

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Have you executed the entire block of code?

Yes. All tests passed.

Damn. I’ve been stuck on it for hours. I’ll check my code again

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What is the error that you get?

I just fixed it right now. It seems like the tf.square function isn’t working properly. I squared it using Python’s syntax (the variables in the denominator) and now the error is gone. The error was “InvalidArgumentError: cannot compute Mul as input #1(zero-based) was expected to be a double tensor but is a float tensor [Op:Mul]”

Other students have encountered the same issue as well

The error message sounds like a type mismatch. You have to be careful to use the appropriate function depending on what the inputs are. If you have a bunch of scalars, using tf.square is probably not the way to go.

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I see. Thank you for clarifying the issue

I used np.square for the scalar term, but tf.square for the tensors, and it all worked. Note that m, n_H, n_W and n_C are python integers (scalar).