Computer Vision for Beginners

Any Computer Vision course recommendations ?

What exactly do you mean by “computer vision”?

I would suggest Szeliski’s book openly distributed by the author

Some suggestions about how to use the book teacher side to organize a one semestre course is given in the introduction.
The book itself covers a wide domain of technics, and some reference are also openly and legaly distributed to deepen some topics.
the book webpage contains good academic references so you can follow a line through their syllabi and documents

Hope that helps to start :slight_smile:

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any operation we can do to extract knowledge from images (edge detection,object detection …)

Thanks for sharing the book, @Nicolas! The Depth Estimation chapter is particularly of interest!


Edge detection is purely an image processing technique. No machine learning is really required.

Object detection, that’s a ML task. It’s covered in the Deep Learning Specialization.

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Happy to help :slight_smile: Can I ask your plans in computer vision / image processing ? I’m learning too

Oh, no plan at all. Computer vision is not my thing, but just that being not my thing won’t completely take away my interest :wink: