no expected output

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HI @Srilekha1

Make sure that your implemention is correct, and general over all test cases

Common Errors :

  • First please make sure from indentation it is correct but I think you made a great space(tab) specially in the first loop(outer nested loop).
  • Second before the return and after the loop you want to divide the dj_db, and dj_dw by m

Note you can check the hint below,
Best Regards!

no such errors in my code. But still I didnot find the exact error in it

Restarting the kernal helped me to resolve the issue. Thank you :grin:

Same error. Restarted multiple times. Didn’t help yet.
I already checked for indentation errors and division errors.

Help from any quarter will be very much appreciated as this is the only assignment pending before I complete the Course 1 of the specialisation

Please ignore my post. This has been resolved. I realised my mistake in code and have fixed it. The hints helped.