Conceptual doubt in lab "C1_W3_Lab02_Sigmoid_function_Soln"

In the provided image from the sigmoid function lab. What does it exactly imply when one says " Note, the orange line is β€˜π‘§β€™ or β€˜π°β‹…π±(𝑖)+𝑏’ above. It does not match the line in a linear regression model."

Why are the two different and how exactly does β€˜z’ differ from the plot of a linear regression model?

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We are comparing the following two lines:

  1. C1_W3_Lab01_Classification_Soln: the thick blue line

  2. C1_W3_Lab02_Sigmoid_function_Soln: the orange line

Both lines fit to the same set of data, but the first one assumes a linear regression model whereas the second one assumes a logistic regression model.

What can you tell about the difference in the two lines? (Which one attempts to be a boundary line and which one attempts to fit through itself to the data points?)


as per the images: the blue line attempts to fit and the orange line attempts to define a boundary.

Yes! That’s the difference by sigmoid!

Happy learning!