Conceptual doubt in logistic regression

Im not able to understand x0, x1 and y. y is the output from dataset which can be either 0 or 1. But im not able to understand what is x0 and x1. Can anyone please help me out?

x0 and x1 are the features of each example.

Sir so is it like 1/1+e^-(z), where z=w0x0+w1x1+b? Am I correct sir?

Yes. That’s how the prediction is computed.

thank you sir, and a final doubt sir, if z=w0x0+w1x1+b then is it a 2 variable data set? like for example if it is a model which predicts tumor, then lets assume x0 to be age and x1 to be tumor size, is it correct sir?

Yes, that is a correct description.

thanks a lot for helping me out sir

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