Conflicting data on Embedding() input/output

In Course five, week 2, assignment 2 there appears to be conflicting information about how to setup an Embedding.

First I encountered this:

Inputs and Outputs to the Embedding Layer

  • The Embedding() layer’s input is an integer matrix of size (batch size, max input length).
    • This input corresponds to sentences converted into lists of indices (integers).
    • The largest integer (the highest word index) in the input should be no larger than the vocabulary size.

And later it says this:
Define the Keras embedding layer.

  • Use Embedding().
  • The input dimension is equal to the vocabulary length (number of unique words plus one).
  • The output dimension is equal to the number of positions in a word embedding.

Obviously the 2nd entry is correct - and is aligned with the keras documentation; but having read the first one first, had me wasting a bunch of time. If you could remove the first and incorrect embedding instructions, or perhaps clarify them, that would be helpful.
And if I’m missing something please let me know.
Best, David

I see where my reading went off.

The first is the input to the layer - created by the Embedding function - and the second refers to the input parameter to the embedding function that will create that layer.

Best, D.