Confused about the Quiz points

Hey guys. I’ve finished the quiz 1 for C3W1. I found out that, if there are multiple answer, even if i select the correct answer but didn’t select all of the correct answers, i still get 0/1 point. As what i remember in C2 or C1 quiz, you’re still able to get like 0.6/1, 0.4/1, and so on. Is this a bug or is the system works this way? Cheers!

Hey @CourseraFan,

I wonder what the number of a question you are referring to?

Hi. I was referring to question 12.

Hi CourseraFan,

Yes, there are some software issues we are facing in the quiz section at present, but the points that you receive depends on what answers you choose.
If that’s multiple-option based question, you will receive results in decimals depending on the correct answers.

Oh okay, thanks for the explanation! I was referring to multiple-option based question where i got 1 answer right, but i didn’t select all, and didn’t receive results in decimals.

Yeah, there might be some software issues then. These issues have already been addressed to the concerned department by the other senior mentors and they will be fixed soon.