Confusing about structure of matrices X and W

In video ‘Neural Network Presentation’ of week 3, W[1] is shown as a (4, 3) matrix and b as (4,1) vector. From my understanding, this means that each row is equal to the parameter vectors of the first layer, and that w[2]_3 is the row vector of parameters of the fourth layer and third neuron.

Apparently (see screenshot), this is not the case. So can anyone help with the definitions of W and perhaps X as well? If I remember correctly, in one of the videos it’s mentioned that features are stored as columns (which implies that each example is stored as a row), but in practice it seems that each example is stored as a column instead.

Any help or guidance would be appreciated, thanks!

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Hi @DeMann,

Perhaps going over the Standard notations for Deep Learning, found here, will help you understand better.


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Hello DeMann,

Prof Ng has used W to indicate the weights as per neurons w.r.t the layers, for instance, the format W1[1] is used as a column vector for the first neuron in the first layer, whereas X is the full sample matrix with each column indicating one input vector.

Besides, Mubsi has provided you with one of the resources that would help you in understanding the notations further.

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Thank you Mubsi and Rashmi, all clear.