Confusion regarding Week 1 Coding assignment

Hi, I am new to this platform. I have a due assignment today that is C3_W1_Assignment. I am not quite sure what is the task actually. The codes are almost provided everywhere. Could anyone please help me understand the platform and the actual problem I have to solve?

Which course are you attending?

You have posted in the “General Discussions” forum area, which doesn’t apply to any specific course.

You can move your thread to the correct forum area by using the little “pencil” icon next to the thread title.

The course is Natural Language Processing with Sequence Models. I can’t find such a forum named according to this course.


The task of this week is to predict sentiment from text (tweet).

Have you recently begun the process of learning, starting from this week? If so, it might be beneficial for you to consider starting with a different course (Machine Learning Specialization or Deep Learning Specialization) that caters to beginners and provides a more foundational understanding.

Please don’t feel offended if my assumption about your level of expertise is incorrect.


Hi @arvyzukai,
I am actually an undergraduate student. I had been working with machine learning for the past 3 years. I am just not familiar with the platform only. Could you help me with it?


In order not to try to answer all the possible questions or point you to FAQ etc. Let’s start with simplest goal - in order to complete the Assignments, you have to fill:

        ### START CODE HERE (Replace instances of 'None' with your code) ###
...  your code here
        ### END CODE HERE ###

The platform is based on Jupyter (one of the many introductions online, or this, or this, you get the idea :slight_smile: ).

If you have questions from here, just ask :slight_smile: