Confusion terminology used "units", vector dimension? neurons?

“Units” has been used in different context throughout the course?
Is this a personal thing or the tradition in the field?

Sometimes, neurons or nodes in a hidden layer are called “units”.

Then, in the current assignment “Using language as an example, a language with a 5000-word vocabulary could be one-hot encoded into a vector that has 5000 units”.

It is called “units” again! A vector does NOT have units!

Could the course make those terminology more consistent rather than confusing?

You need to get used to the multiple ways that “units” is used in the machine learning industry. Experience is the fix for this confusion.

The second one probably ought to be called “elements”. Sometimes the two words have the same meaning.

Vector is a math concept, I don’t think it should be called something randomly.

“a vector of 5000 dimension” is far easier to understand than “a vector that has 5000 units”

I do not disagree.