Could anybody help me to solve this issue please?

I am in the lab of the first week of the course of probability &Statistics for machine learning but I am getting this error in the exercise 6. I am not sure if I selected the correct parameters for the different cases:

UnboundLocalError Traceback (most recent call last)

Cell In[65], line 7

4 example_breed = df_test[[“breed”]].loc[0][“breed”]

5 print(f"Example dog has breed { example_breed**}** and features: height = { example_dog[‘height’]: .2f**}** , weight = { example_dog[‘weight’]: .2f**}** , bark_days = { example_dog[‘bark_days’]: .2f**}** , ear_head_ratio = { example_dog[‘ear_head_ratio’]: .2f**}** \n ")

----> 7 print(f"Probability of these features if dog is classified as breed 0: { prob_of_X_given_C([*example_dog], FEATURES, 0, train_params)} ")

8 print(f"Probability of these features if dog is classified as breed 1: { prob_of_X_given_C([*example_dog], FEATURES, 1, train_params)} ")

9 print(f"Probability of these features if dog is classified as breed 2: { prob_of_X_given_C([*example_dog], FEATURES, 2, train_params)} ")

Cell In[64], line 53, in prob_of_X_given_C(X, features, breed, params_dict)

50 probability_f = pdf_uniform(x, params.a, params.b)

52 # Multiply by probability of current feature

—> 53 probability *= probability_f

55 ### END CODE HERE ###

57 return probability

UnboundLocalError: local variable ‘probability_f’ referenced before assignment

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I recommend you read the FAQ for this course, it has some details about this specific function.

You can find it by using the forum Search tool for “M4ML FAQ”.

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It looks like it is an issue that this function thought you didn’t define your variable properly.

A quick fix I could thought of is to give the variable probability_f an initial value, say -9999? so it could still be differentiated with the “real value” you will get later.

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If the code is written correctly, that’s not necessary.

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That’s true.
He can check whether Line 50 is correctly executed or not.

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Ok I will do it, thanks

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Ok let me check that thanks

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That error pops out when you do not define a variable before calling or using it in a return statement. For example, It usually happens to me when I define a function in a for loop but call it outside without globally defining it.