Course 1 week 2 exercise 7 predict

Hey all,
This is my code for exercise 7 and just can’t seem to get it work. I don’t know if I need only to use the sigmoid function with a certain value or rewrite the logistic regression equation as an attribute of 'A '.

{moderator edit - solution code removed}

This post belongs to Deep learning specialization - Course 1 and not MLOps. Check your sigmoid implementation. If you believe it is correct, click my name and send your notebook as an attachment.

That code looks correct to me. Why do you believe it isn’t? Please show the output you get from running the test cell for that function.

Just as a general matter, please note that we’re not supposed to share source code for the solutions on the forums or in any other public place. Usually if you just post the output you are getting, we can figure out how to give advice based on that. I will edit your post to remove the code.