Course 1 week 2 exercise 7

@balaji.ambresh, Thanks for your reply.

this is the link to my notebook.

I looked through all the QA posts several times and I can’t figure out what am I doing wrong.

Hello @Daniel_Sheccoury . Please click my name and message your notebook as an attachment. I don’t have access to your coursera workspace.

Please note that the mentors do not have the “superpower” to view anyone else’s notebook or account status. Only the course staff can do that and they are (generally) too busy to be listening here, although Mubsi does drop by occasionally to help out.

You can either DM your notebook as an attachment to Balaji or me, but the preferred way to start on getting help is just to show us the output you are getting so that we can see the error. It’s usually possible to reason about the problem from that. If not, then we can do as Balaji has done and ask to see your code privately.

@paulinpaloalto There was just a minor bug. The return statement was inside the for loop. @Daniel_Sheccoury to confirm and mark the issue as solved.

Thanks for the help. It worked like a charm. Stupid mistake, however now I will be extra alert with indentation.

Thanks for confirming, Daniel and Balaji! Yes, the old “indentation matters” issue. That’s one of the things that’s a bit hard to get used to if you are new to python.

I am not that new to Python, but I think I moved the indentation some how by mistake and it hasn’t crossed my mind that that was the issue. In any case, thank you both for your help.