Course 1 week 4 - Assignment 2 Exercise 2

My code is running fine with All test passed for both exercises but for (exercise 2) 1st is the cost for my function is less than the expected output. 2nd the train accuracy is greater than the expected output. And lastly the test accuracy is less than expected output should be 80 but its only 74%

numpy seed is set before initializing weights. So, the results should be pretty close to the expected values.
If you don’t see anything odd with your work, please click my name and message your notebook as an attachment.

Please let me know how can i attach my workbook and how to download.

Open the assignment notebook. From File menu, Download as > Notebook (ipynb)

I ran your notebook on coursera environment and results are close to the expected. Please see your notebook output in the direct message sent to you.

Ok Thank Youvey much :smile: