Course 1 week 4 quiz "hyperparameters" Question answer discussion

In the course 1 week 4 quiz there is a question which asks which of the following are hyperparameters? I selected option which has activation values but it is wrong. My question is, when activation function is a hyperparameter then why arent’t activation values? TIA

Hi @Sarath_Krishna , welcome to the Discourse community. The hyperparameters are those parameters that determine/control the learning process. All the other variables are used/derived for the training of your model.

The activation function determines how (quickly) the model learns. The activation values are just that: values, that are input for each node in the network. The node then takes all these activation values it receives and modifies its value based on the transfer function. So the values are used to calculated the predicted value from the network, they don’t influence how and how quickly the model learns.

You can google on activation function and activation value to go into more detail about it, e.g.
Hyperparameter (machine learning) - Wikipedia

Hope this help clarify, Stephanus

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