Course 2 - W1 - excercise 1-3 ModuleNotFoundError

Hi there!
Trying to complete the week 1 assignements, but incurred in an error while trying load load modules:

something wrong with the name of the module to be imported?
Same problem for all the assignments.


seems to be fixed now… thanks anyway!

Good to know its fixed.

Good luck with the course @acasti_55.

I also have the same problem!

I figured it out. We have to shutdown the file first and update lab

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I completed 1 of 3 for week 1, but now am stuck on this. Is there something I can do on my side or is the test module missing in the server?

Hi, @randymotluck.

Have you tried updating the notebook as @JinhaoZou suggested? :slight_smile:

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