Course 2 Week 1 Exercise 1

I’m getting the grader output error, "There was a problem compiling the code from your notebook. Details:
No module named 'google.colab. " All of my code seems correct, and my history file is getting 50/50. Please help.

Hello @chad_brouze ,

Are you in the most updated version of the course? Can you please check that?
I guess you are in the previous version. Once, I also faced a similar issue as I was in the previous version.

With regards,
Nilosree Sengupta

Thank you, I will check.

Welcome! @chad_brouze

Let me know if you are in previous version.

how do we know we are in the updated version or old version?

For this particular week, you are in the latest version if the first graded function is called create_train_val_dirs. In the previous version it was called create_train_test_dirs.