Course 2 week 1 gradient check

Blockquote# GRADED FUNCTION: gradient_check_n

[code deleted by moderator as the issue is addressed]

Hi everybody I use this code to last part of code but code returns this Error:

Your backward propagation works perfectly fine! difference = -5.824061829000211
Error: Wrong output
0 Tests passed
1 Tests failed

Does anyone know how can I fix it?

@yoou, stop posting the code to ask for solution. Its a violation of Coursera Guidelines.

Its good to post the error, which in turn can lead others to a solution.

But anyway, you should not call a specific row from a matrix. I see that you called a row using [0] for the variable.

Hi, @yoou.

This will help you fix the problem.

Please delete the code as @snreddy suggested. Good luck! :slight_smile: