Course 2, week 1: Why can't use global variables on equation?

On exercise 1 of section 5 - L2 Regularization I tried to use list comprehension to calculate the value of L2_regularization_cost, but got the error AssertionError: Not all tests were passed for compute_cost_with_regularization. Check your equations and avoid using global variables inside the function. On the other hand, if I calculate np.sum(np.square(Wl)) for each layer and then sum all 3, I pass the test. I checked the values and they match doing both ways. I also tried coping the parameters argument and assigning it to a new variable instead of using it directly on the iteration, but still kept getting the same error. Any idea why? tks

I managed to figure out my mistake this morning. I was iterating through the whole parameters dictionary. I forgot about the parameter b , so I was summing them into L2. An if/else in the iteration, assigning 0 to the b parameters, solved the problem.

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