Course 2 - Week 3 Assignment - One Hot Encoding clarification

I am a bit confused on the exercise about One Hot Encoding.
From my understanding:

  • label = Class = the number of labels (cats, dogs, birds, etc) our Y(i)s can take. In the lecture example we had 4 labels (Cats, Dogs, Birds, None), so label = 4
  • Depth is how many examples we have in our Y vector?

The terminology confused me a bit, and also it took me too much time to figure out how to use reshape, haha.

This is what I understood, did I get it right?

Yes you did understand it correctly according to me and the picture you posted
Is the concept clear now or you have some more queries
Thanks and Regards,
Mayank Ghogale

Yep all clear, thank you!

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