Course 2 Week 4 Decision Tree Lab

For Decision Tree Lab in Course 2 Week 4, the last leaf nodes are placed with the wrong texts, why is that?


Two questions for you:

  • Where did you obtain the file for this optional lab? I wasn’t able to find it via a link in the course.
  • The issue was fixed in Nov. 2022, so I think maybe you’re using an out-of-date copy.

I entered this lab yesterday, I think it should be the newest version.

Interesting. I don’t have access to that “Optional Lab”. The list in my view of the course ends at “Regression Trees (optional)”.

Are you using the Coursera app? I’m using a browser session (Chrome).

Ah, I just enabled it by changing the settings on my mentor access panel.

The issue you reported was found in testing this notebook last November, but apparently it hasn’t been updated yet.

I use Edge to do the course, but the content is the same as it shows on Chrome.

OK, nothing wrong with the lab but the texts of the last leaf nodes. I’ll leave it there since it has not been fixed.

Update: It appears the issue has been fixed, but not yet published.

Oh, now I get it right…I thought it would have been updated if it has been fixed for a few month. So…


Also for Decision Tree chapter, the section ‘Random Forest Algorithm’, I’m sure the subtree in the picture should be fixed and updated.

I’ll add that to the list.