Course 3 Week 2 quiz; A bug in Autonomous driving quiz

I think, I found a small bug in my week2 quiz. I got a question (Q15) which is relatable question to the question above. I mean Q15 is based on a situation explained in Q14. However, the Q15 and Q14 which I received is no where related. Thankfully, my random choice of answer got correct and secured 100%, but this is the case to be taken care.
Please let me know, in case of any support.
Thank you :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Same problem. Have a picture here.

Thanks for providing the concrete example of the problem Harsha mentioned. I agree that looks like a bug. I think the quiz framework allows random replacement of questions, so that you don’t necessarily see exactly the same questions each time you take the quiz. But if they are going to implement that kind of replacement scheme, then they’d better have a way to make it take into account the case that you have groups of related questions.

I will file a bug and let you know if the course staff have any feedback on this.

Thank you @paulinpaloalto :slight_smile: