Course 4 Week 1 Assignment 1: 'conv_forward_test not defined', 'pool_forward_test' is not defined

So it looks like everything runs in the notebook if you just click “Cell → Run All”, but it only fails if you do “Validate” or submit to the grader. I have never seen that situation happen, so I don’t really have a theory other than that there must be something that got changed in the metadata in your notebook that is causing this. One way that could happen is if you downloaded the notebook and worked on it with different tools and then re-uploaded it back to the Coursera website.

One thing to try is to get fresh copies of the notebook and the file. Rename your notebook to save your code and delete the file and all the other “dot py” files that you see in the assignment. Then do the “Get Latest Version” procedure: just click “?” or “Help” in the upper right and then “Get Latest Version” as described on this thread.

Then carefully “copy/paste” over your completed code to the fresh clean copy of the notebook and try again.

Please let us know if that helps or not. If that doesn’t help, then I’m out of ideas and we’ll need to call in the course staff to look.

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