Course 4 Week 1 assignment 2, exercise 1

okay i feel really stupid here and i feel like i am missing a crucial piece.
do i implement any of the data yet or do i leave a spot open for that?
with the previous assignments there were always the arguments of the bit of code you were writing that i could depend on and the text. but here i feel like i am missing something crucial or misunderstanding something.
i can understand the things we have to take from the tf.keras.layers package but i am lost on what to plug and it is stressing me out.

Well, I always found the help required in the explanations given before the code cells. If you think you are still unable to figure out the parameters, you can always refer to the videos regarding the specific topic which will help you to understand the meaning of each and every parameter.
Also, if stuck, tensorflow docs are a great place to start with, and you can always take help from the community if you can’t find the required help anywhere.

Hi Marys and Elemento,

I was also stuck at the beginning. And I found the keras api is helpful as it specifies the arguments for each function.

Hi @Marys,
@Elemento and @MinhPham are correct: you can use the guidelines pointed at the start of the exercise and if you have any doubts, you can check the tensorflow.keras docs, using the link already provided, where you will find examples about how to implement each layer. In addition, if still not enough, you can check all the previous lessons and examples where the layers were used.

@Marys, you should try this tutorial on Tensorflow:

It is simple and really helps me a lot.

thank you because of that i actually found what i was doing wrong