Course 4, week 1, Convolution_model_Step_by_Step_v1, Exercise 5 - conv_banckward


I have a problem in Exercise 5 - conv_backward. The output results do not match the expected results. I checked my code various times, but I didn’t find anything wrong.

I would be appreciated if someone could help me.


Hi @yuyan_wu,

Can you share your lab ID with me ? In the assignment, when you click the top right “Help” button, a panel will open and your lab ID will be shown at the bottom.

I shall take a look.

When you reply back, kindly tag me in the post so that I’m notified.


Hi @Mubsi ,
Thanks for your reply. Today I have found the wrong place. I didn’t multiply slice by stride in conv_forward function, but the test is passed, so I didn’t realize this error. And then in the test of conv_backward, this caused this problem.