Course 4, Week 1 pool_backward wrong values for mode max

I get wrong values for mode “max”, maybe when the mask is multiplied by the correct entry of dA I am not using the correct entry, could help me please?

AssertionError Traceback (most recent call last)
21 assert np.allclose(dA_prev1[1, 1], [[0, 0],
22 [ 5.05844394, -1.68282702],
—> 23 [ 0, 0]]), “Wrong values for mode max”
24 assert np.allclose(dA_prev2[1, 1], [[0.08485462, 0.2787552],
25 [1.26461098, -0.25749373],

AssertionError: Wrong values for mode max

What values for dA_prev1 and dA_prev2 do you get in the printed output?

Thanks. I already solved this problem. It was enough for me to draw a window diagram to realize my mistake: I was assigning wrong values ​​to ‘da’.

Ah, glad you were able to solve the issue.