Course 4 Week 2 Assignment 2 Alpaca Model Error

When I run “model2 = alpaca_model(IMG_SIZE, data_augmentation)”, I get the error on the line —>model = tf.keras.Model(inputs, outputs):
Error msg:
AttributeError: Tensor.op is meaningless when eager execution is enabled.

My code part in alpaca_model

# code removed     

—>model = tf.keras.Model(inputs, outputs)

Kindly, point me in the right direction!

Nevermind. I saw that the arguments for x = preprocess_input in the code was not right. I was able to fix it.
Consider this closed. Thank you.

It’s great news that you were able to find the solution on your own power. Thanks for confirming.

I guess we have the same problem, hahhhhh

then, How do you fix it? I found it doesn’t work if I attatch tf.variable out the preprocess_input

The argument for the preprocess_input should be the output from the previous step

Oh, Thanks for your help! I figured that out!