Course 4 week 2 exercise 3 ResNet50 - error in test

Hi everyone,

I am still having issue resolving the ResNet50 problem and have no clue what could be root cause of the problem.

Could someone please advise?

The error says:

Test failed 
 Expected value 

 ['Conv2D', (None, 8, 8, 512), 66048, 'valid', 'linear', 'GlorotUniform'] 

 does not match the input value: 

 ['Conv2D', (None, 8, 8, 512), 131584, 'valid', 'linear', 'GlorotUniform']
AssertionError                            Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-95-58a17f1e219d> in <module>
      3 model = ResNet50(input_shape = (64, 64, 3), classes = 6)
----> 5 comparator(summary(model), ResNet50_summary)

/tf/W2A1/ in comparator(learner, instructor)
     21                   "\n\n does not match the input value: \n\n",
     22                   colored(f"{a}", "red"))
---> 23             raise AssertionError("Error in test")
     24     print(colored("All tests passed!", "green"))

AssertionError: Error in test

(Solution Code Removed by staff)

Hey @hosein.alizadeh82 firstly, please do not publicly share the solution code, as it is against the honour code.

Secondly, can you DM your notebook ? Thanks. I’ll take a look.

Hi @Mubsi , thanks for the reply.

I’ll take the solution off from here. I’m new to this community. I’ve seen others putting their code for their questions too. I thoughts it’s the norm to ask this way!

Could you also please share what do you mean by “DM your notebook”?

Hey @hosein.alizadeh82 , I completely understand. We try to remove those solutions as we stumble upon them.

What I mean by “DM” is send me a direct message with your assignment notebook attached to it. Here are the instructions on How to Download Your Notebook

@hosein.alizadeh82 , was not following the given order in the code comments of Exercise 2 for the Final Step