Course 4 - Week 2 - Transfer Learning with MobileNet (Issue with Sequential Model)

I don’t know why my Sequential Shape is different than the Shape of the comparator

If you study the code for the alpaca_model function, I believe you will find that sequential layer is supplied by the data_augmenter function. The first thing I would check is to go back to that section and make sure your code passes the tests for cell UNQ_C1.

I just restart the kernel and the issue is gone, Thank you so much!

Glad to hear that you found the solution. So the theory would be that you had typed some new code into one of the cells, but had then not executed that cell. Just changing the code doesn’t do anything: you have to actually execute that cell again, e.g. with “Shift + Enter”. Just calling that function from a test cell will still run the old version of the code. Of course doing “Kernel → Restart and Clear Output” and then “Cell → Run All” guarantees that “what you see is what you get”.